The Coolest and most Authentic Ghost Towns

Bad luck will befall anyone who takes a piece of contraband, which is why park rangers receive old nails and anonymous letters from people who know they’ve done something wrong. You can’t visit Westworld, but if you’re looking for somewhere to travel, consider a spot that is perfect in the Halloween season, such as the creepy abandoned ghost towns, hoping you make it back.

Slipping off with a piece of history from abandoned towns is something American and romantic, perhaps because of the rush to find gold which created an economic bubble when luck ran out. There are many fascinating places, but ghost towns are intriguing ones as there is something unsettling about their existence, which is why here, we examine the eeriest.

There are many reasons for towns dying, and ghost town experts state that some towns were bypassed when production decreased and the need for the town was gone, unless it could adapt, and while plenty of failed towns got paved over, finding the remains of cities makes for fascinating travel. Nothing can intrigue us like a town that was abandoned and while ghost towns have captivated people for years, users looking for day trips are searching for them 181% more this year, so in case you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path day or a chilling photo series, here are the most photogenic ghost towns.

1. Rhyolite, Nevada

Rhyolite had a hospital by 1907, as well as a symphony and lots of prostitutes, but people left within just a few years, so the town became an old-West movie and is still home to cool buildings, such as the Bottle House, covered with beer bottles.

2. Bodie, California

The town of Bodie lies about 75 miles south of Lake Tahoe founded for its discovery of gold back in 1865, and despite being known for the gold, it became better known for its hard-drinking and general lawlessness, as it soon started declining and companies went bankrupt. Often said to be the former mining town which feels most frozen in time, Bodie is a place where you can peek in the windows of the schoolhouse and saloon that still remain intact. Only a small part remains and it is preserved in a state of decay, although nothing is allowed to fall down, and so today, you can visit the houses that remain.

3. Belmont, Nevada

A few buildings remain, such as the old courthouse and the Main Street which still remains, including the Cosmopolitan Saloon which remains one of the most popular for visitors. Belmont is located in Nevada and a deposit of silver lead to a full-scale rush, making it known as a mining town believed to have a population of 10,000 and the seat of NYE County, until the mining equipment started to be moved.

4. Terlingua, Texas

Terlingua’s buildings are deteriorated now, but when the Chisos Mining Company opened, workers quickly relocated to Texas at its peak, and, as of the last Census, only 58 people still live there and make good business.