Places to Stay near Terlingua and Big Bend National Park

Getting around Big Bend takes a lot of time, and there are limited accommodations backcountry camping, which is why most visitors set up base outside the park, so the best options are in the little town of Marathon. This remote region in west Texas boasts a tradition of hospitality, part of what makes the region so popular, and visitors will find lodging options such as four-star luxury resorts, conveniently located near Big Bend National Park. If you haven’t experienced the beauty of Terlingua, you can plan your trip now.

Big Bend National Park is a place where travelers from all over the nation flock, located in the Texas desert, with popular lodging close, such as historic options or chain hotels, to please all types of people. Marathon lies about 20 miles from the entrance, and although this might seem like quite a distance, the drive is well worth to stay at some of the most beautiful lodgings. The towns in the area have quality lodging choices, but where you stay depends on which direction you are arriving from, as Lajitas is the main choice for those arriving from the west to the Big Bend National Park.

In case you’re planning to visit the park, there is a variety of options for lodging nearby, and while some accommodations offer a Mexican feel, others have modern golf resorts or take you a step back into American West, a perfect combination for those looking to experience this national park.

1. The Gage Hotel, Marathon

One of the main reasons to stay here is this luxury property, with a quaint rooms and enticing common areas, from the main lobby with a fireplace, to a huge fire ring where guests are invited each night, a wonderful place to enjoy conversation.

2. Chisos Mountains Lodge, Big Bend National Park

As the only available facility within the park, it provides reasonably priced lodging as well as a local store and its location offers proximity to great activities such as horseback riding. Guests who stay here are treated to beautiful scenery and vast wilderness within a short walk, as well as easy access to many trails found throughout the Big Bend National Park.

3 Lajitas Golf Resort and Spa, Big Bend National Park

Lajitas Golf Resort is the ultimate resort destination and 100% pleasure, giving you an opportunity to forget about the hassles of today’s lifestyle, as the beautiful part about a vacation here is that you can walk carefree along the boardwalk and still be completely enveloped in the modern conveniences you expect from an enduring terrain. Only 25 miles outside of the park, it’s a resort where many flock for the renowned golf course.

4. Big Bend Resort & Adventures, three miles from the western entrance

Big Bend Resort offers full-service motel apartments, a gift shop, store, laundry and other facilities.

5. Ten Bits Bed and Breakfast, the Chihuahuan Desert

If you’re seeking Terlingua lodging, this is your most authentic option, providing lodging for up to 18 guests.